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DIRECT and EASY access to a pool of creative expertise

NOW! you have direct access to the skills of creative professionals, where and when you need them. As a registered client member you can enjoy the benefits of dealing directly with experienced Freelance Creative Specialists by eliminating agency fees and commitments.

We have over 2,800 freelance creatives registered over a wide range of expertise. Over 600 Australian creatives have advertised their speciality with a one page profile.
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A WIN-WIN situation

Businesses, clients and employers NOW have a direct and easy access to Creative Services. Until now, there has been no creative, cost effective alternative other than to work through marketing, advertising or employment agencies. So too - Freelancers have had to rely on agencies to promote their skills - so The Freelance Factory is a welcoming assistant to the Freelance industry. It's a WIN-WIN situation.

Significant financial BENEFITS

Businesses, clients and employers can gain access to this unlimited Freelance Creative Talent in a wide range of areas such as marketing, advertising, publishing, graphic design, film, video, web design, multimedia, photography, illustration or journalism without incurring the cost of maintaining in-house staff or paying costly agency fees.

UNLIMITED Freelance Creative Talent

Marketing, advertising and design is an investment. Cutting costs by not using industry expertise can be a false economy and can create a less desirable impression to your customers. It is important to find the right expertise for your needs.
The Freelance Factory is a one-stop shop for Freelance Creative Talent. It does not act as an agency and does not take commissions from either party.

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